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Dear Fellow Artist

Ten years in the writing, Steal Away is a post-Civil War musical epic featuring towering characters with sweeping dramatic arcs.  Each role will be cast with the actor who most vividly brings that character to unforgettable life.

​To equip you to deliver your best audition, I’m making the full script available to you here.

A few notes:


  • Feel free to audition for more than one role.

  • Don’t worry about using a Southern accent for your reading; we’ll have dialect coaches for that later.  What’s most important is authenticity – please focus 100% on the heart, soul, and nuances of your character.

  • Please memorize your lines so that you can deliver them with freedom, conviction, and nuance.

  • Don’t look at the camera; fix your eyeline wherever your character would be looking.  If your character is talking to someone, make us believe you’re really talking to someone.

  • If you have dialogue with another character, have somebody read the other character's lines in real time with you (whether in person or via Facetime or Zoom).  Pre-recording and playing back other characters’ lines will probably drain your reading of freshness and spontaneity.


  • Don’t worry about creating an attractive background for your audition.  Our focus will be 100% on your reading.


  • Please, please, please… take chances.  Go for broke.  Surprise us.  We are not looking for safe, predictable, cookie-cutter characters.  Even if it means taking liberties with the script and “going off the page,” create an original, never-before-seen character that we’ve never met.  In short, you introduce us to the character you’re reading for.  And if you want to balance an out-there reading with a more conservative one, no worries… submit two.

Once you’ve self-taped your audition, submit it through the normal submission process.

Now the exciting part: Our Casting Team and I want to meet you, answer questions you might have about your character or the production, and support you in any way possible to deliver your best audition.  By joining us on social media, you’ll receive invitations to livestream meetings with us, callback announcements, and breaking production news.  To claim your front-row seat on the epic journey of making Steal Away, take a second and follow us on these four links:

For information on sharing your audition online for both industry professionals and movie lovers, click here.

Thank you for your hard work.  I look forward to seeing your audition!

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